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Sully's Hockey Academy delivers a personal assessment of each and every one of our clients. We create a format and plan for each client so they can make personal gains through on and off ice regiments.
​You can expect a hard workout which will allow you to grow physically, mentally and proficiently through an environment built for success. You will be pushed to your limits in order to make the leaps and bounds needed to excel in hockey as well as in your everyday lives.
We are not only your instructors, but your friends and role models. Here at SHA we yearn for our staff to have a relationship where we can point our athletes in the right direction in any circumstance.
Bringing awareness to concussions in sports and ultimately, the appropriate testing that goes along with it.
Be aware that 99% of Doctors don't do the full extensive Baseline testing. Greenwich Sports Medicine is the only practice in the New England area that does the Complete Concussion Management protocol.
If you as a parent or player are interested in learning more about what this grade "A" practice can do for your child, please take a moment to send us an email.  



Phone: 914-803-2348

63 Fields Lane | Brewster, NY 10509